Top Manufacturers For Horse Floats In Australia

horse float manufacturers australia

We are a client-focused business with over 40 years of experience in the transportation and horse industries. In contrast to numerous Chinese manufacturers, Regency Floats only makes use of premium composite components and high-quality virgin steel produced in Australia. Over the years, we have expanded significantly to become leading of horse float manufacturers in Australia. In order to provide stability and safety, each of our horse floats is carefully constructed and developed. In addition to two horse straight load floats, we construct four, three, and two horse angle load floats. Regency Floats is a Western Australian family business that serves customers from all over Australia. It isn’t associated in that frame of mind to some other pony floats producer in Australia or maker of custom trailers. Each uniquely crafted horse float we make is supported by a 2-year primary guarantee, and we are focused on gathering any exceptional solicitations our clients might have. Our requirements are created using the highest standards. To give total consumer loyalty, after-deal help, and correspondence while laying out long haul client connections is the center of our client driven reason.

Drive in your preferred horse-themed float                                         

You partake in your ponies and comprehend that they ought to just get the best. You need to ship your ponies in the most secure and most extravagant pony float conceivable, and Australian Credit Acknowledgment knows about this. We can arrange the horse float finance that will enable you to purchase a horse float or horse truck that will meet your needs, regardless of whether you ride horses for competition or just for fun. Horse floats arrive in a scope of styles, aspects, and quality levels. However, a discolored and corroded horse float need not be tolerated. We can assist you with concluding which horse-drawn float or truck will serve your requirements the best and keep going for a long time. Basically, we make 2hsl float for sale so your ponies can approach a great pony float or pony truck. For both brand-new and pre-owned horse floats, Regency Floats offers financing options. With quick pre-approvals and simple financing at your disposal, you can concentrate on what matters most by shopping around and selecting the best piece of equipment for you and your equine companions.

Instructions for purchasing 2hsl floats

Regency Floats should be your first destination if you’re looking 2HSL floats for sale because we have such a large selection available. If you’re buying your first float or you need to buy a different float because of a change in circumstances, the following advice will be beneficial.

Choose between a straight load and an angle load

  • How many and what kind of horses do you usually transport?
  • Which events, such as overnight camping, will you be attending?
  • What is the largest towing vehicle?
  • What is your projected spending?

These considerations must be made while deciding on the type of float you need. If you primarily participate in one-day competitions with one horse, a straightforward straight load float should be adequate for you. However, if you routinely participate in multi-day activities with a number of huge horses, camping and an enclosed angle load may be necessary.

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