Hydration Health Inspection Services

environmental soil testing

We offer specialized testing and knowledgeable consulting in a variety of fields, such as environmental law enforcement, food and beverage testing, audit assistance, and the identification of chemical substances that are unknown as well as residual chemicals and impurities. Our advanced, designed laboratory and training center combines theory and practice. We combine lectures with hands-on activities to create a dynamic curriculum for our courses. To better understand and feel more confident about how things work, our students will be allowed to handle parts and supplies.

Evaluation and analysis of water quality

One of the specializations is the testing of water for livestock or human consumption. Whether it is for human or animal utilization, water excellence is vitally important. To ensure that the water is clean or to discover any toxins, we provide a wide range of water tests. Water samples are tested by us from our specially designed, NATA-accredited water sample testing laboratory in Melbourne, Australia. Additionally, foreign water samples have been examined at our lab. Our clientele encompasses a wide spectrum of sectors, such as sports and energy drink producers, water boards, and bottled mineral and still water companies. In-depth analytical testing covering both natural and artificial substances is what we provide chemicals; microbiological analysis; isotope analysis. To guarantee the best calibre, we participate in numerous domestic and worldwide proficiency tests. We analyze small particles of water using a variety of analytical techniques and tools. If clients detect an off-flavor or feel unwell after drinking the water, the water sample testing laboratory can analyze the compounds present in the sample to check, assess, and provide capacity reasons.

Services for testing soil

For the experts environmental soil testing and analysis is their specialty. Cobblestones, organic matter, gases, water, and an infinite number of living things are all mixed to form soils, which are home to a varied range of organic life. Customers can obtain information from the environmental soil testing and analysis services regarding the possible chemical content of their soil samples, as well as evidence that certain substances are absent from their soils in various situations. Many industries, including Mining and the Environment Petrochemical need soil tests. Test, analyze, and report on soil with ease thanks to the specialized team of our scientific specialists. The NATA (national association of Testing Authorities) accreditation that our team has earned means that our testing procedures and methods adhere to independently verified regulatory standards, guaranteeing the best possible laboratory testing, reporting, and analysis. Environmental engineers, scientists, consultants, regulators (EPA), developers, and governmental organisations all use our NATA-accredited laboratory to evaluate soil. Because we provide precise and dependable testing and extract significant insights from scientific discoveries, these professionals pick to work with us. The key reason they chose us was their trust in our capacity to provide correct data and opinions, as well as our performance, efficiency, and quickness.

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